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About Us

70.71 Investments is a private limited company registered in Kenya and is a part of 70.71 Group an investment synergy focusing on emerging markets with offices and affiliate partners in Europe, Africa, America, & Asia.

70.71 Investments as a company main business is holding securities of companies listed in the African stock markets to capitalize on the incredible performance over the recent years. The company will also diversify into other investment vehicles that will provide handsome return on investment (ROI) to our shareholders.

We also focus on investment, incubate and mentor new start-ups, small medium size companies, to date we are predominately active in Kenya with other jurisdictions to follow once we have adequate due diligence. To realize the visions of those in the mircro enterprise sector 70.71 investments also offers micro venture capital financing. Our reasons for focusing on Kenya are mainly due to three factors:

  • one, familiarity of location,
  • two, lower initial investment compared to Europe and the US
  • three, higher ROI due to the fact that it is an emerging market
Our Approach
Our approach to investments is through prudent leverage of investor's monies to provide an annualized growth in book value of between 10%-15% by employing capital injections with minimal debt liability. 70.71 Investments will be focused on long-term investments in publicly quoted shares/stocks as well as buying part or whole companies. The company intends a portfolio balance by owning a diverse range of businesses in different sectors to mitigate shareholder risk and exposure.

Prior to making any purchases they will carry out extensive due diligence on potentials based on a company’s balance sheet to understand the revenues, expenses, cash flow, labour relations flexibility and capital-allocation needs required. The company believes that its important managers of wholly or part purchased business should have a stake making it worthwhile for these individuals. On the management side a hands-off approach will create room for these managers to perform as owners and ultimate decision makers of their businesses.
What We Look For

For every great company is an entrepreneur with a brilliant idea, just look at Virgin Group. Getting your idea off the ground is the most difficult bit with alot of time, resources and capital required.

The process of raising seed capital can and is the most difficult and frustrating time because we have been there. The thing is the  capital injection can also come at a high premium for the founders where the are faced with dilution of their original shares.

70.71 Investments wants to do away with these issues, concerns and help you get up and running, we are also specific/particular on the opportunities or sectors we focus on. We would provide you with a loan early on before a Series A round of equity financing with the provision that the debt is convertible to shareholding later on down the line. We also request the option to also participate equally in the with others in Series A.

The the loan interest would be usually inline with local rates that are offered by micro finance companies that a comparatively more competitive than banks and building societies.

Micro Venture Capital

Micro venture capital is also one of the approaches adopted in Islamic economics as a substitute for interest-bearing loans, or riba, prohibited by the Qur'an. You find that generally in developing economies micro enterprise attracts start-ups and this is what attracts people into micro enterprise. We awant to help you achieve this hope for better income, preference for self-employment and background in business. You have a good a idea of what you want to do and human capital, but  your own savings are not enough to get you to the next level. 70.71 Investments can assist with the resources that  social entrepreneurs lack namely education, business experience, expertise,  and capital enabling you to achieve a dream quality of life and living.

In Latin America, micro venture capital is growing as a field as development professionals and investors realize the importance of helping entrepreneurs start formal economy companies. One of the first micro venture capital funds is sponsored by Agora Partnerships, a not-for-profit organization, and invests $25,000 to $250,000 in early stage socially responsible companies in Central America

Today micro enterprise contributes to many African economies GDP's that ranges from about 15% to as high as 70% through its diversification of goods and services . With a significant proportion of households earning some or all of their income from micro enterprise and small business. But their is an opportunity to learn, grow and inevitably compete in your markets.

In summary Micro venture capital 70.71 Investments can help you with the following

  • Capital injection (no necessarily with a shareholding component)
  • Resources
  • Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Institutional environment
  • Work with people who care
Our Core Values
We are not about the quick buck mind set on the projects we undertake, where we come in inject some finance and once we have recouped our initial investments we walk straight out of the door that you see with other organizations.

And for the entrepreneurs who bring their ideas  to us, as a company we will endevaour to our uttermost to make visions a reality and help you navigate the maize and quagmire of seed capital and project financing.
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